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technology Tattoo Removal Institute doesn't compare to other laser clinics in the country. We offer real care and deliver real results. We are home to the most superior tattoo removal laser system, that technology has to offer. Our laser system is simply beyond compare! Key Features:
  • Tri-wavelength laser system, supported by the Tattoo Removal Institute is the world’s only tattoo removal system to offer three true laser wavelengths in one machine, an ideal collaboration of power and versatility that separates itself from every other laser system available. This leading edge laser system, incorporates both a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser operating at 1064nm/532nm & a Ruby laser operating at 694nm and an optional Alexandrite fractional handpiece operating at 755 nm. This is a truly unique configuration, offering our customers a state of the art technology, enabling the elimination of the hardest pigments with superior and fast healing results.
  • OPTIBEAM® Laser technology, is delivering a unique ‘squared’ flat topped laser beam, as opposed to other laser systems that use a ‘round’ laser beam shape. 1463399826 OPTIBEAM® provides an even distribution of energy without missing a spot to have complete coverage, without overlapping and “hot spots", which causes skin to burn and may result in scarring, blistering, hyperpigmentation, bleeding and uneven skin texture.
  • Powerful tattoo removal system: Our exclusive technology is faster and more powerful than the regular laser systems, It delivers ultra short pulses (6ns) and very high peak power (hundreds of Mega Watts), as a result, the unwanted tattoo pigments are fragmented in small particles and are removed through the process of the body. It is the world`s most powerful triwavelength tattoo removal laser system, that has the power of 11 J/cm for the 532 nm wavelength NDYag laser this is 9.5 J/cm. This is superior to other system, such as the PicoSure Laser, which uses a 532nm Dye Filter Hand piece with only 1.1 J/cm. This is simply NOT enough power to remove even the lightest examples of red, yellow, orange and pink inks.
  • Fractional treatment: TRI`s pioneering TWO-Way Method is a new approach to laser tattoo removal, which utilises a combination of ablative fractional treatment of the skin together with a powerful tattoo removal technology. The fractional treatment used enables us to treat the tattoo safely while avoiding various known side effects, like increased blistering thus reducing the healing time and possible scarring. It also reduces the number of treatment sessions needed to remove the tattoo, it saves time and money.
  • Koolio Optimal Air Cooling System: Our goal is to supply the greatest possible requirement of care, while making sure that your journey is as comfortable and worryfree as possible. Assisting this is the Koolio Optimal Air Cooling System, it`s capable to reach up to minus 40C and is dedicated to minimize any pain and discomfort during the removal process, as well as reducing the risk of thermal injury, which causes swelling. Our cooling system is one of the most effective machines on the market and our clients have confirmed that our state of the art cooling system reduces their discomfort by about 80%!
TRI_Q_PLUS-(5) Our procedure is proven to be the most advanced tattoo removal method in this field and is the next evolution in the way we remove tattoos! The team at Tattoo Removal Institute is committed to continuously research and apply the latest and most advanced technology and techniques available on the market to achieve the best results in tattoo removal.

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