How To Safely Remove Cosmetic Tattoos

Have you ever noticed people with blue, grey or red eyebrows that look really out of place, as they don’t match their complexion or hair tone? Chances are that they have had cosm [...]

6 Possible Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects and How to Deal with Them

  Laser tattoo removal is often the solution that comes to mind when the topic of erasing body art arises. And why not? Medical professionals and tattoo-removal specialists ap [...]

Turning a bad decision into a business

More Australians are getting linked than ever before – and more are growing to regret their decisions. For one entrepreneur, that smacked of a business opportunity. Matt Orli [...]

Tattoo regrets removed with the flash of a laser

Tattooed words and phrases are amongst the most commonly removed by clients at the Parramatta Clinic. Broken hearts across the nation rejoice. Those ex-lovers and mementos of relat [...]

Top Tips when Choosing the right Tattoo Removal Clinic

Top Tips when Choosing the right Tattoo Removal Clinic As we continue to establish Tattoo Removal Institute as a leading provider of excellence in the Sydney tattoo removal world, [...]

Aftercare is as important, as the laser machine

Aftercare is as important, as the laser machine We don’t have the facilities to be able to follow you around with a fly swatter every time you disobey our aftercare rules, but we [...]

Queensland man suffers serious burns after trying to get his tattoos removed

Queensland man suffers serious burns after trying to get his tattoos removed One in seven Australians has a tattoo and more than a third regret getting inked, according to the Nati [...]

Ink-radible way to right a major a tattoo wrong

New laser clinic makes bad idea thing of the past [...]

Why Tattoo Removal is Becoming Increasingly Popular in Australia

Why Tattoo Removal is Becoming Increasingly Popular in Australia? Real Fact Of Tattoo Removal In Australia According to a 2012 study published by the Australian National Health and [...]

All Questions on Tattoo Removal Laser Technology Answered

All Questions on Tattoo Removal Laser Technology Answered Thinking of getting rid of a tattoo? You may consider laser technology as the most viable action since it is increasing in [...]

Laser Tattoo Removal Explained

Laser Tattoo Removal Explained The Tattoo Removal Process Contrary to what many people might think, tattoo removal is not an easy, quick fix treatment, but rather a complex process [...]

The Hardest Tattoo’s To Remove

The Hardest Tattoo’s To Remove Do You Want Your Tattoo Gone? Tattoos are forever. But what if you want your tattoo gone? You’re not alone – in fact, 17% of people have c [...]


Tattoo Removal With Laser Technology Quick and Modern Tattoo Removal with Laser Technology   It was a dark night ten years ago when you got your first tattoo, and now, all you [...]

Tattoo removal technology differences

RUBY, ND:YAG, ALEXANDRITE, PICO-not sure? WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? So you’ve finally decided to zap that tatt. Congratulations! You’re not alone. As much as 48% of the populati [...]

Are at-home tattoo removal kits safe?

You’re not alone in hating a regrettable tattoo. So many people are now opting for tattoo removal that DIY tattoo removal kits have been cropping up all over the Internet. While [...]

9 things you should know before you zap that tatt

Do have a tattoo you regret? Wish you could erase it? Don’t despair; there’s hope. In the past, tattoos were surgically removed; shaved, scraped, and frozen off; or peeled away [...]

Dermatologist claims laser tattoo removal tool is fraud, brings class action vs Mass.-based maker

A Rockford area dermatology practice is suing a Massachusetts corporation, alleging the company sold a laser tattoo removal tool to the clinic and hundreds of other clinics, yet kn [...]

Fair Work Ombudsman: It’s not illegal for employers to say workers can’t have tattoos

CHONTELLE McGoldrick was 18 years old when she got an anchor tattooed on the inside of her right ankle. It’s about the size of a 10 cent piece and is her second tattoo — the ot [...]

Plastic surgeons and tattoo removalists call for more regulation of the laser tattoo removal industry

Earlier this year she visited a popular national laser clinic chain and was told that after 10 treatments, priced at $125 each, the removal would be an “easy fix”. [...]

Warning against dodgy tattoo removal clinics that leave patients burned and scarred

GOLD Coast plastic surgeons are warning patients to watch out for cowboy clinics offering cheap laser tattoo removal that could leave them with burns and scarring. [...]

Aussies and Their Tattoos: a Love-Hate Relationship

One in seven Australians are sporting a tattoo according to a study conducted by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) earlier this year. [...]

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