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Tattoo Removal Institute Treatment Pricing Guide

Sizing Single Treatment Pre-Purchase 5 or more Sessions
XX Small $108 $70 $75 $50
X Small $144 $100 $100 $70
Small $192 $140 $135 $100
Medium $324 $230 $225 $160
Large $432 $300 $300 $210
Extra Large $554 $400 $385 $300
XX Large CUSTOM $1100 $700 $770 $550


Any tattoo requiring further treatments after 12 paid sessions will be treated at no extra cost!


We will happily match any written quote on single or package prices.

Numbing Cream   $35


Our promise to you: If your tattoo is still visible after you've completed the original estimated maximum number of treatments, TRI will continue to treat your tattoo up to one year free of charge! 100% removal of tatoo is achieved in the majority of all tattoo removal journeys at TRI.


We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our client's expectations and producing only the best results.

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