Tattoo Removal Treatment Costing

Our tattoo removal specialists’ team offers complimentary consultation to map out your customized journey at TRI with you.

Unlike most clinics, TRI’s honorable approach is to first assess your tattoo and discuss your needs prior to quoting a specific cost. Every tattoo is unique and so the pricing of each treatment reflects this and will vary accordingly. Once you have joined us at our institute, our industry professionals will prepare a customised package based on your consultation and individual tattoo.

Each laser tattoo removal journey will be different to the next. We take each circumstance and variable into consideration when determining the number of treatments you require. Influencing factors that contribute to the estimated treatments include;

  • Size of the tattoo. The bigger the tattoo, the more sessions are required to remove it.
  • Black or coloured ink. Colour will generally require more treatments than black ink.
  • Location on the body. The closer the tattoo is to your heart, the more blood flow, the quicker it will be to remove. Hands, lower legs and feet do require more treatments.
  • Professional or Amateur tattoo application. Professional tattoos tend to inject ink deeper into the skin, which require more treatments to reach the depth and remove ink.
  • Quality, depth and amount of ink used.
  • Age. Tattoos older than 5 years will require fewer treatments than newer tattoos.
  • Skin Tone. Clients with lighter skin will respond more efficiently than darker skin. This is because the laser is more effective when there is more of a contrast in shades between the tattoo ink and the tone of the skin.
  • Immune Response. How efficiently your body removes and flushes the broken ink particles after each treatment may be one of the most important variables.
  • Scar Tissue. Clients who have been treated elsewhere and have been left with irreversible scar tissue over their tattoo will require more treatments to penetrate the barrier to each the ink pigment.
  • Post Treatment Care. Proper post treatment care will ensure the healing process is as efficient as it can be.

Upon consultation, the above factors along with the knowledge and experience of our specialists, we will determine the maximum number of treatments likely to be required to achieve your desired result. Treatments can range from 2-10 sessions.

Tattoo removal institute prices include;

  • Best results guaranteed, including removal of all tattoos across the entire colour spectrum.
  • Top market exclusive technology.
  • Topical Anaesthetic needed prior to treatment.
  • 24/7 support network post treatment.
  • Skin rejuvenation post tattoo removal.
  • Competitive prices for high quality technology and service.

Our promise to you: If your tattoo is still visible after you’ve completed the original estimated maximum number of treatments, TRI will continue to treat your tattoo up to one year free of charge! 100% removal of tattoo is achieved in the majority of all tattoo removal journeys at TRI.

We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations and producing only the best results.

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