Tattoo Removal Treatment Process

Step 1 – Consultation:

  • Complimentary and obligation free! A qualified expert will assess your unwanted tattoo to liberally guide you through the tattoo removal process and expectations.
  • Information collated in the consultation will be used to plan and guide your journey ahead at Tattoo Removal Institute, and your first appointment will be booked in at our institute.

Step 2 – Understanding your tattoo:

  • When applying a tattoo, ink is injected into the deep-level of skin called the dermis.
  • Due to the complex makeup of tattoo ink, your body doesn’t remove it so the dermis is a secure location that ensures the ink stays in place.
  • So whether it’s a home job or professional application, every tattoo is as unique as their owner.
  • The removal of this tattoo must reach the layer of the skin that the ink was injected into.

Step 3 – Pre Treatment:

  • Prior to beginning your tattoo removal treatment at Tattoo Removal Institute, it is important to understand and follow a few recommendations before your treatment.
  • Your consultant will discuss guidelines such as avoiding direct sunlight, limiting/ stopping smoking, topical anaesthetic and attire to be worn prior to your treatment.

Step 4 – Removing your tattoo:

  • Tattoo Removal Institute’s medical grade laser system allows the tattoo to be removed efficiently. Extremely short, fast laser beans penetrate deeply into the skin to reach the tattoo ink pigment. The laser shatters the ink particles into smaller pieces that are absorbed into blood stream.
  • Your body begins to remove the ink through the lymphatic system. A white surface layer will form on your tattoo to indicate this process has begun but will diminish within a couple hours. This process takes a minimum of 6 weeks to be successful.
  • Your comfort is important to us. Used before, during and after the treatment, Tattoo Removal Institute uses the most important Air Cooling machine to maintain skin comfort during the process.

Step 5 –Post treatment care:

  • Tattoo Removal Institute’s investment in leading-edge technology and techniques offer minimal side effects and downtime. The advantage of the fractional headpiece raises the bar for minimal down time and side effects guarantees fast superior results of your tattoo removal journey.
  • Blisters, swelling and redness are eliminated in the recovery process and you can expect to heal at ease by following Tattoo Removal Institute’s simple post treatment guide and use aftercare products as directed to promote your healing process and optimize your results!

Step 6 – Next appointment:

  • Book your next tattoo removal treatment within 6-8 weeks to continue your journey at Tattoo Removal Institute.

At Tattoo Removal Institute, we are confident that our gold-standard service will leave you more than satisfied with not only the removal of your tattoo, but the enhanced appearance of your skin. To love the skin your in again is effortless!

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