Aftercare is as important, as the laser machine


We don’t have the facilities to be able to follow you around with a fly swatter every time you disobey our aftercare rules, but we will stress the importance of it over and over until you follow it religiously, and hopefully before you do some serious damage to your skin.

Getting your tattoos removed by laser usually comes with the risk of burns and permanent scarring. Our focus is on keeping up with the best technology to specifically target ink particles in order to avoid heat damage to any tissue around your tattoo - but this doesn’t mean you’re in the clear to drive straight to Coogee to sunbake after your appointment.

Laser aftercare is extremely important, whether it’s hair removal, skin acne reduction, or tattoo removal. We understand your mates, barista and hairdresser were advised different information after their tattoo removal, but in order to allow us to care for you using our products, we strongly advise you follow our advice that has been tried and tested with our style of laser removal. This is not saying Barry from the pub is wrong about keeping your arm in a bowl of jelly in a small fridge 4 times a day, but if it’s not on our list, ignore it or give us a call to ask about it.



We offer a complete post laser removal package for you to take home, and most importantly, ask that you follow the below guidelines:

icon1 Apply anti-bacterial TRI Post Laser Gel (or antiseptic ointment) to soothe the treated area.

icon1 Avoid direct sun exposure for as long as you can. Apply SPF 50+ sunscreen if your skin has to be exposed for work or running errands.

icon1 Avoid prolonged exposure to water and excessive heat on the skin for up to 72 hours after your treatment (for example, water pressure from a long shower, exercise, swimming, soaking in a bath).

icon1 We recommend a light shower after 24 hours.

icon1 Avoid scratching and touching the lasered and surrounding area – bacteria on your hand and in your nails getting into freshly lasered sensitive skin can lead to infection.

icon1 Be careful with your body and avoid injuring the area.

Our experienced technicians will give you all the info you’ll need to look after your skin. But once you leave the institute, your skin is in your hands.