Have you ever noticed people with blue, grey or red eyebrows that look really out of place, as they don’t match their complexion or hair tone? Chances are that they have had cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and the colour has faded to a different colour over time. Or they have tried to have them removed but have been left with a different colour, or darker eyebrows. This can happen to all cosmetic tattoos as the ink used in this form of tattooing is different to traditional body art tattoos.

There are only a few laser systems, that are FDA approved for the safe removal of cosmetic tattoos. Using any other system risks removing certain colours and leaving others behind, meaning you could be left with any shade of tattoo or even scarring.

Why Islaser tattoo removal the Safest Option?

The Q Switched laser uses an ultra-fast shockwave that shatters the tattoo ink into the tiniest particles, which are small enough for the body’s immune system to eliminate through its natural cleansing processes. The treatment when performed by a tattoo removal specialist is a fast process with minimal downtime.

Why Are Cosmetic Tattoos Different To Traditional Tattoos?

The ink used in cosmetic tattoos is different from traditional body art tattoo ink. When cosmetic artists need to get just the right colour, they mix various different pigments together to get exactly the right shade. This means you could have two, three, four or more pigment colours in the ink used for your tattoo.

With lasers, different wavelengths target different colours and some lasers are incapable of treating certain colours. You may be left with a colour that your clinician cannot remove simply because their device is not capable.

Next Steps

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