Tattooed words and phrases are amongst the most commonly removed by clients at the Parramatta Clinic.

Broken hearts across the nation rejoice.

Those ex-lovers and mementos of relationships-past etched onto your body can now be removed as easily as they were once drawn.

Tri-laser technology is now available in Parramatta to provide a fix for those everlasting love notes you would rather not remember.

Laser technician Edit Pali knows all too well the burden of a bad tattoo and has gone into business to make life a little easier for others to get theirs removed.

“A bad tattoo can really impact your life, your job prospects and your relationships,” she said.

“The most frequent clients are those with broken hearts, with tattoos of ex-lovers who want to get them off as soon as possible.”

She says while most inking incidents were “a good idea at the time” the light of day can be a rude shock for many.

“We’ve had people come in the day after they get their tattoo, asking for a removal.

“We help to make sure there’s no regrets.”

The removal process varies depending on the age and depth of tattoos, a client’s age and where it is on the body, but most can be removed in six to 12 sessions.

With the number of Australians opting to get inked on the rise, our attitudes towards the practice are becoming much more relaxed.

Research by Mccrindle shows one in five Australians has one or more tattoos and that increases to one in four for Australian women.

“Nowadays people are making impulsive decisions about getting a tattoo but that can lead to regret,” Ms Pali said.

“I think people make more hasty decisions on getting inked because they know they can get rid of it.”

The clinic has been open in Parramatta for the past three months, and Ms Pali said it has been mostly twenty-somethings coming through the door.

Tattoo removal clinics are largely unregulated and those thinking of amending their prior decisions are urged to check testimonials and shop around.


Edit Pali removes a tattoo from Rachael Moltzen at the Tattoo Removal Institute at Parramatta.

Australian tattoo trends

1 in 5 Australians has one or more tattoos

For the majority (72%) of tattooed Australians their most recent tattoo was a picture or symbol. For 1 in 5 it was a phrase or a word

More than 1 in 4 say they regret getting a tattoo

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