Tattoo Removal With Laser Technology


Quick and Modern Tattoo Removal with Laser Technology


It was a dark night ten years ago when you got your first tattoo, and now, all you want to do is wipe the slate clean and get something that reflects your current personality. This is when you will start seeking tattoo removal options, with laser technology taking the top spot. In the past, tattoo removal was a painful process, though with time, laser technology has advanced and it is now easier than ever. That is why thousands of people are opting to update their tattoos, either by removing them completely, or creating a blank slate for another brilliant piece of body art.

There are three main reasons that you might opt for laser technology to get rid of your tattoos. These are:

icon1 Comfort : There is less pain than other methods with laser technology

icon1 Safety : You do not need to worry about damage to your skin with laser technology

icon1 Pain : The words no pain no gain lose momentum with laser technology

icon1 Expense : There is no need to break the bank with laser technology



All your Options

When getting rid of a tattoo, you have various options that you can explore. One of these is a lightening cream, which involves you adding chemicalised cream to your skin to change the colour of the tattoo. Then you have plastic surgery, where your skin is altered or cut off to remove the tattoo. Another option is microdermabrasion, which involves scraping away at the surface of your skin.

Why Laser Treatment?

Laser technology has less pain than many other methods, working on breaking up the tattoo so that over time, it disappears. However, when you think about lasers, you might imagine bright and hot light searing through your skin. As much as there some pain involved, it is possible to use a topical numbing agent to minimize pain.

Q-Switched Q-Plus Evo

The latest technology in laser treatments is known as the Q-Switched Q-Plus Evo. This cutting edge technology is the sole one that offers three true laser wavelengths within one machine. With these attributes, no matter how deep or what colour of pigment is your tattoo, you will see excellent results, and your skin will heal faster than with other methods. When you consider blasting your skin with a laser, speed is likely to be top of mind as well. With Q-Switched Q-Plus Evo, you will experience high peak power in short pulses. This breaks down the tattoo incredibly fast, ensuring that even the tiniest fragments are removed.

Number of Sessions

It is not possible to remove a tattoo using laser technology in one sitting. You will need several sessions, with the average being five to get the best results. The factors that will affect the number of sessions include the size and colour of your tattoo, and also the sensitivity of your skin. Rest assured the latest Q-Switched Q-Plus Evo technology will work faster and more effectively than any other systems on the market. Some tattoos can be eliminated within 4-6 sessions.

The Future of Laser Technology

Q-Switched Q-Plus Evo is the best option in the market right now, as this technology is way ahead of its time. You can expect to experience stunning features such as OPTIBEAM® , delivering a unique ‘squared’ flat topped laser beam for even distribution of energy without missing a spot and ResurFACE, a fractional hand piece that allows for super-fast healing time, while restoring the texture of the skin. In addition, the Koolio Optimal Air Cooling System ensures that you have minimal pain and close to no discomfort from the process of laser treatment. With laser technology being a viable option for tattoo removal, you do not need to worry about limiting your creativity when you are looking to get your next tattoo. Though it may take a little time, you will find that you can easily get rid of any body art that you do not like.