Top Tips when Choosing the right Tattoo Removal Clinic

As we continue to establish Tattoo Removal Institute as a leading provider of excellence in the Sydney tattoo removal world, we’d like to give you some tips you might wish to consider to help you choose the best clinic for your treatment.

Always question treatment number promises

An exact treatment number would certainly help you plan out your budget, but you need to be wary of advertising that promises to rid all tattoos within an exact number of treatments without considering the size, location and age of your tattoo.

Trying to predict an exact number of treatments in which your tattoo will be removed is setting an unrealistic goal for the technician. If the clinic you are
interested in advertises a precise number of treatments that seems much lower than other clinics you looked at, you should consider researching the equipment used by your clinic, and how that compares to any generic timeframes at their competitors. This information should all be listed on their websites, or would be provided in your free consultation.

At TRI, we provide a consultation service in which our experienced technicians will assess the area to be treated, and also provide a guideline for the duration of the treatment. Although it is a better marketing ploy to provide an exact date for when your tattoo will fully dissolve, honesty is always the most important policy. Particularly when you are removing the tattoo to make the skin look better, not to scar yourself with irreversible damage to meet a deadline.

Ensure extensive pre- and post-removal instructions are provided

You should be able to find this information on the clinic’s website, but at your free consultation make sure your clinic has strict pre- and post-laser rules. Although they may have the best technology in the business, your skin is still going to undergo a decent amount of stress and will need to be cared for before and after treatment.

Be sure of your consultant’s experience

Make sure you are able to find credentials for the consultants at the clinic you are considering. For example, look for an “About Us” page on a clinics website, or any qualification certificates or awards on their websites.

Feel free to ask questions at your initial consultation, and we strongly advise you to raise any doubts you might have prior to your first appointment. If you are set up with a new consultant you don’t recognise from a website, raise this point with your consultant. Each clinic will accommodate your needs and will certainly wish to ensure you have the best experience.

Read through testimonials

We recommend that you go through the Facebook, Google or other website reviews of the clinic. If you see an overly negative/positive review, make sure you read the full review and check that it is consistent with any others.

This may seem obvious, but the quality of the before and after photos should be excellent - any smartphone can take high quality photos. You should be able to see the skin clearly, and they should ideally have noted the number of treatments it took to get to that point.

If you have found a clinic that you really like but aren’t sure about a certain process or product they use, give them a call and discuss this with them. They may be able to provide you with additional information about their products that you can research further.